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-awlaki the first u.s. citizen on the capture or kill list was born here and so begin his american journey through radical ios lamb and the arabian peninsula. as you will see new information that alaki was a overlooked key player in the attacks of 9/11. his parents were from yemen were studying at new mexico state university. after graduating in 1972, his father conned their studies bringing his wife and young son first to the university of nebraska and then to minneapolis police before returning to yemen in 1978. >>> and where the i district i have kosli is chewed by hours. one says it all. >> boar poor and try of corrupt failing state. long time veteran has said his job is like dance ought heads of snake. yemen is the home of al-qaeda founder osama bin laden. >> they fought against the mujahedin against soviet on union in 1980s. and it's welcome back to yemen. the bombing of u.s.s. cole killed 17 crew members and was a sign of the anti-u.s. threat of a yemen based al-qaeda. earlier last year, tlistsd joined up with the colleagues in next door saudi arabia to formula, of the arabian peninsula. th
with the intent of reducing violent crime associated with mexican criminal organizations operating in the u.s. and mexico by preventing those organizations from getting guns. but the ill-conceived program went off course, eventually empowering the very activity it initially was out to suppress. tonight more details of an ever unfolding story. >> in 2001 the atf gave them $21.9 million to expand the project called project gun runner. one of the off shoots was operation fast and furious which was run out of the phoenix, arizona field condition. it incorporated a new gunwalking strategy that allowed suspects to literally walk away with illegally purchased guns in hopes that the straw purchasers would lead them to bigger fish in the gun trafficking networks. >> it's then that this thing turned ugly. we had a toxic and deadly combination of incompetence, bureaucratting malfeasance, and an anti-gun agenda. this sense that they needed to do everything in their power to smear gun dealers and blame them for the problem. >> more than 90% of the guns recovered in mexico come from the united states. many
, for example, herman cain is going to join us a little later in the show tonight. he said he's pretty liberal. now i wouldn't say he's liberal, but i look at his -- for instance, he once said illegal immigration doesn't exist. >> no, he said it wasn't a crime. >> so here's the point. he's got that controversial judicial appointment, he's got some issues. >> global warming. >> so he's going to are to now face the scrutiny. and i think a lot of people said perry at one moment wag going to race to the top and get the nomination. >> that's right. the phenomenon that i think is impressive, the guy you are having on in a few minutes, herman cain, the he's obama in '08. he has all the substance in the world and all the experience p and people and me can cain get the nomination? well, defeating romney in the primary is a lot easier than defeating hillary in the democratic primary and once it starts, god knows where it ends. the thing is he's tapping into the biggest untapped people in the party. you have the evangelicals, and other people but you have small business owners and cain absolutely is that
. >> what do you think is the reason for this incredible rise you have had? and the question a lot of us had early on, pawlenty was up, down-and-out, michele bachman had a surge, perry had a surge. you seem to be maintaining it. what's the reason that you think you are able to maintain this surge? >> i think that the florida straw poll that took place about three weeks ago really sent the message, number one, the voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media, with all due respect. the second thing that came out of that, sean, is that message is more powerful than money. right from the beginning, and you've seen it in the dough -- the debates, i have talked about solution to problems, developed the solutions and shared them with the public and they are connecting with the public. you know that my economic growth and jobs plan has become very popular with the public. 9-9-9 plan but i have also put other ideas on the table. so i believe what's happening, base on what people are telling me, is that the fact that i have a direct, clear message about how i would address these cr
. those numbers have to make you feel pretty good. >> they make us feel pretty good, sean, but it means we have to continue to work hard. we're very pleased with that, but we're not letting up.t we we're sticking to our strategy. >> what do you think is the reason for this incredible rise that you've had and not only that, the question i think a lot of us had early on is okay, pawlenty was down and out,mi bachmann had a surge, perry had a surge. a you seem to be maintaining it. what's the reason that you thinu you're able to maintain the surge? >> i think that the florida straw poll that took place about three weeks ago really set the message. number one, the voice of the people is more powerful than thh voice of the media, with all dul respect. the second thing that came out t of that, sean, is that message is more powerful than money. right from the beginning andnn you've seen it in the debates. i have talked about solutions to problems, developed these solutions, and shared them with the public, and they are connected with the public. you know that my economic growth and jobs plans has
in late and win. >> so i think the amazing thing for those of us here in georgia tonight is that it's possible to win. >> and there have been latest polls show a search. and the two candidates now that have emerged your poll numbers have come up draukl draukly -- drakly. -- dramatically. what changed? what do you think happened that all of a sudden -- we watched michelle bachmann go up, down, herman cain, and now, you're doing well. why is there this change going on? >> first of all, elite media tries to pick a can advance, spending week was 115 artel artels -- articles saying this is now a two-man race. the country looked up and told us you zront a right to tell us who is in the race. i think second, herman and i we go back to fighting hillary care together in early 90s. we tried to enter with positive issas and positive attitudes. we're happy to be aloud to be here and think it's amazing in america people like us are allowed to run for president, so we're not there thinking it's hard. i think people have seen food fights between candidates that candidates involved in negativity sh
department of defense has had a venture capital firm going for years, and use that money to develop more weapons of mass destruction and to kill people with, and that's gone on all the time. >> all right. >> do they or do they not? >> they work to protect us. >> not always. >> the reason why they were champing at the bit to get it out the door because they said it would create jobs. it created zero jobs. in fact, 1100 jobs were lost when they went bankrupt. sunpower said it would create 350 construction jobs and 15, 1-5, permanent jobs with a $1.2 federal loan guarantee. >> uh-huh. >> this is where you start saying, let's back up here. >> can i talk about sunpower? >> guys, hold on one secretary. on sunpower's website, they clarify that loan that the government gave them, it's $1.37 billion, $3.5 million per job and -- >> how much money did we give to halliburton to rip off the country? >> can i raise a question about -- >> you never want to talk about things that are germane. >> halliburton isn't on the front page today. solyndra is. >> do you or do you not accept the fact that there's
. >> presidential hopeful ron paul joins us live from texas. are the occupy wall street protests in new york city responsible for a spike in violent crimes? a shocking new report says yes. and a revolution has ended in libya, but things could soon go from bad to worse as concerns are rising that the law could be implemented. and another record low. all that plus the great, great american panel with balk beckel. we are on our way to 2012 and has been right now. >> knew some today that voting sot. the south carolina support reas as float preideas -9sdz let's look 1 flush stood. they are a trillion dollars in debt. we don't have jobs and the quality of education went down so it's a failed program. i went to school when we had none of those. >> joining me now is the man himself, texas congressman ron paul. dr. paul, good to see you, sir. >> thank you, sean. good to be with you. >> when you laid out your plan, here we've got at the end of the last budget deal it's going to be $16.7 billion in debt. we are robbing from our kids and grandkids. you have said from the very beginning, you actually had a bi
's in their words. i am sure the obama ad team is laughing, saying, let's take that footage and use it against them -- >> i have no doubt. >> these are the only ones that have the money to go on the air, with these attacks. >> i don't think this is going to matter. i know that, as juan is pointing out here, they will try to make the case, this is not a referendum on obama. this is totally a reverendoum his failed policies. he will be held actable for his promises. it seems to be desperation this week. we have seen the class warfare by democrats and racial language that i find so, you know, the republicans want blacks hanging from trees -- >> women will be raped i. i was going to get to that's. biden said that rape and murder are going to go up if the second stimulus, in other words the president's plan isn't passed. and the president said that the republicans' plan is to have dirtier water and dirtier air and fewer people on health care. >> they have been beating this drum from day one f. we don't pass obamacare, women's health is in jeopardy f. we don't pass a medicare bill -- [overlapping dialogu
that's smart. do you think it hurts governor perry and what about the ad is the perry campaign has used to go after romney? clearly they are viewing romney as the top candidate. >> well, i think the mormon cult think steps on the publicity they are hoping to get with the advertisement. eats a legitimate question to ask him about obama care. he's been asked that a number of times in the debates and he said very clearly as governor of massachusetts i supported it, but as president of the united states i would oppose it. and i think he's been very clear about that. but it doesn't hurt to keep his feet to the fire and to keep his focus on that issue. i think that if it weren't for that, romney would be running away with this race at this point. and i think people have doubts and they need to hear romney dissuade those doubts and i think it's a legitimate for perry to raise that. >> let me go to herman cain. he will be joining us later tonight. he made a lot of comments about the occupy wall street movement. they said they ought to move it to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he said if you are not
think this is the field. i think the amazing field for those of us here in georgia tonight, it's very possible that two of the three finalists will be georgians. [cheering] >> to support that, there have been the latest polls show a surge. and the two candidates now that have emerged, your poll numbers have come up dramatically -- herman cain's numbers have come up dramatically. two of three georgians. what's changed? you know? what do you think has happened that all of a sudden -- we watched michele bachmann go up and she has gone down. perry comes in, there was a lot of buzz, she he went down. herman cain and you are now doing well. why do you think there is constant change going on? >> first of all, the elite media tried to pick the candidates. and they spent weeks, there were something like 115 articles saying this is a two-man race. and the country looked up and said, you don't have the right to tell us who is in the race. [cheers and applause] >> i think, second, herman and i, you know, we go back to fighting hillary care together in the 90s. we have both tried to enter this rac
's sinking fast? the architect karl rove takes us through all of this. >>> the holy war, the office of human rights launches an investigation after muslim students complain about a crews fix in the classroom at a catholic university. i kid you not. >>> the occupy rallies are getting out of control. all of that plus media mash. our weekly roundup of the bias in the main stream obama mania media and our great, great american panel. we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here right now. >> it's difficult to predict what will happen in any primary battle, and the race for the 2012 republican nomination has been no different. now, the past two months of this contest have been one incredible roller coaster ride. we've seen frontrunners come and go and some unlikely candidates surge to the top of the pack. now, at the moment we're two months away from the iowa caucuses. to give you an idea of what could lie ahead, look at what the g.o.p. field looked like two months ago. in late august in a fox news poll, rick perry had a comabding lead over his rivals. mitt romney was running strong. sar
a press release that his plan will result in more job creation in the u.s. gingrich plans calls for a 15% flat tax compared to perry's 20%. he also proposed a lower corporate tax rate. who has the proposal that will help you, the american people, back to work? joining me with answers, the host of varney and company, stewart varney. and she deals with beckel every single solitary day -- >> it's a pleasure. >> it is. look, what i like more than anything is that i like cain is talking about major revisions in the tax code. newt is in his plan. perry is today in his plan. is this the result of herman cain 9-9-9? >> yes, because he blazed the trails. he went up in the pole because he had a simple tact reform plan that was pretty radical. he made progress doing that. he dragged everybody else with him and i think this is now front and center and the issue, the debate point in the election of 2012. i think it's a fabulous thing. >> is changing the tax code the answer at this time? >> yes. >> i would like to see a change because it's so burdensome. >> yes. how else are you going to get the priva
thinks she can best use her talents by helping others get elected. so it was her decision not to run just one day after chris christie said he would not run in 2012. now we are getting a better picture what the race will look like. here is part of the interview as the news broke. >> we have million of fans and supporters across this country, many of whom are in my family, by the way. is there something you want to tell them how you weighed this? because you touch on it in your statement and i know how much you adore your fans and supporters. >> well, i am very thankful that included in a list of supporters in my life are my family members. they do support this decision. they came first, the consideration of what candidacy does to or for a family. that weighed heavily. but these supporters who have encouraged me to run for officer so appreciated and have really kept me going and encouraged me in the midst of it all in these last three years. especially those within the tea party, americans who are independent and patriotic and know that our republic is worth defending and has been so suppo
and you knew about it for a year. and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face, the height of hypocrisy. [cheers and boos]. >> governor romney? >> rick, i don't think i have ever hired an illegal in my life. i am looking forward to finding your facts on that -- >> i'll tell you what the facts are -- again. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. i'm speaking. you get 30 seconds -- this is the way the rules work here. >> the president of luntz global watched with a group of republican voters at the wynn las vegas resort and casino and got all of their reaction. >> reporter: sean, we have done more than a half dozen. but tonight, the fireworks flew. we have a winner here. how many of you came in here supporting newt gingrich tonight? walked in here supporting him? three individuals walked in supporting him. how many are supporting him now? raise your hands. it is so rare that people change their minds. what was it that newt said that caused to you change your mind? >> he spoke to me and told me that we welcome everybody. everyone ha
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in politics. we are done with that. >> politics have gotten us into this mess. someone can help get us out. >> how many times have candidates say vote for me because i'm not a washington insider? this is a time we can really do it. >> reporter: you agree? >> yes! >> what occurrence me, he's a great person and a great businessman. but for the highest office in the land and where we are right now in the economy, i don't know if we can take a chance. >> he's got a good business acmen, which obama never had. >> i believe that, if he is going to the presidential nominee, you have to have elected experience. >> we have a politician with no experience and we have a business person with major experience. and problem-solving skill who is calls about the politicians? >> he is going to do something. whether i agree with it or not, the 9-9-9, he's going to do something. >> in the back. >> he's intelligent enough and not quite as arrogant to believe he has the answers. he started off with advisers and trust them and listen to them. not always coming back to his own thought, feelings and perspective is.
how to use executive power but will use executive power to make american lives better. that is why i'm endorsing mitt romney for president of the united states. >> shep: it came hours for the debate at dartmouth college. joining me is christy, how are you? >> great. >> shep: i understand you have protestors and --. >> sean: i understand you have some protestors. is this occupy new hampshire? >> i really have no idea. they are arguing and yelling a lot of stuff. free speech is alive and well in new hampshire. >> sean: let's talk, first, let's talk about your decision. you really said you said no, no but people kept coming back to you. tell us about the process. why do you think people kept coming to you and how close did you come to maybe getting into the race? >> would you ask them first of all. i think it was because of the record we developed in new hampshire. two years balancing $13 billion in deficits, no increased taxes, a third less regulations. more state workers and government workers cut by percentage than any state in america in the last 20 months. we promised smaller gover
think he'd be thrilled. no. the dems nixed it. intention unmasked as political theater, that leads us to biden. the great joe biden, who at a conference yesterday said the american people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction. yep, nothing gets past joe. i love him. so andrea, what happened last night on the senate floor? i don't understand 90% of it. >> andrea: it is complicate complicated. think reid lost his temper. a lot of my sources say he didn't have this planned. he and mcconnell discussed seven amendments that would be brought to the floor. when reid found out what two of the amendments would be, obama jobs bill, which he didn't want to bring to the floor for a vote and the epa dust regulation, he panicked and said no, you can't do this. the reason republicans are doing it, there is a split in the dem caucus on the jobs bill. i thought they could get the dust bill reversal passed. >> bob: what is a dust bill? >> greg: don't pretend you don't know dust, bob. >> bob: i got plenty of it. >> andrea: they're trying to regulate dust. so reid panics and loses
the people's house and we need to close the doors for lobbyists and let them use their time as a way to promote their own interests over the interests of the american people when they leave. but today we are taking a major step toward fulfilling this campaign promise. lobbyists be subject to stricter limits than under any other administration in history. there will be a ban on ban on lobbyists for anything serving in the administration, as well. >> that was barack obama speaking to reporters on the very first day in office claiming that his administration would take a tougher stance against lobbyists than any other in history. the president has doubled down that pledge but once again promising this campaign will not accept donations from lobbyists. however, according to the "new york times" the president and his campaign have received upwards of $5 million from 15 people associated with lobbyist firms in washington. the white house claims because these people are not officially as lobbyists the pledge is intact but the "new york times" is not buying it, reporting, registered or not t
. and that brings us to this bombshell report from according to that site, an attorney with close ties to former alaska governor sarah palin has reportedly been investigating what the drop dead deadlines are for entering the race. so governor christie officially out, could governor palin be preparing to join the field? here with analysis, the one and only, of varney and am can, right after the i man on the "fox business" network, stuart varney, and the co-host who deals with beckel five days a week, dana perino. how are you? >> great. >> i don't know what's harder, dealing with imus or beckel every day. >> that is a toss-up. >> different people in different ways. >> that's right. >> imus wants to poke you and bob just wants to get under your skin. >> and he knows exactly how to push my buttons for getting -- he just says something bad about president bush and i'm on top of it. i nearly lose my temper. >> i watched the governor -- first of all, i thought it was a classy speechn his part. i think it's probably good, i think people were getting a little tired of, are you in? are you out?
of the evolving situation. >> sean: it's funny, there is such a big deal, george bush got authorization for use of force in iraq and afghanistan. the president, i don't think the war powers act is constitutional for a lot of reasons. the president, he is the commander and chief, congress can defund any military action. with that said, every president has bhn abiding by it anyway. in the cases of president obama, he said this is a nato operation. we control 65% of nato. so, was he trying to, in that sense, go above and beyond what his authority was. >> again, i think there is a lot of inconsistency and murky foreign policy coming out of this white house. you know, have you got to hand it to ron paul. whether you agree with everything that he says or not, at least he has one there in congress trying to make our president stick to the law and understand that congress does have a role to play in these foreign policy decisions that are made and ron paul, i think has hit the nail on the head when he has come out and said obama had better be careful when he interjeckets himself in our country in other
thought that hey, he got elected, he used the word change. we got change all right. you know what the change is. you know where we got it. it's a disaster, so the other thing i'm surprised is that i thought he was a positive person always. i thought he'd be like a cheerleader for the country. every once in a while you see a political guy without great experience, but he's a great cheerleader, he or she is a great cheerleader for the country. i thought obama would be a great cheerleader for the country and it's turned out to be just the opposite, and he is is creating class war far. you wouldn't have kids all over the country without what he's saying. he's crediting a class warfare that's dangerous for the country and even for him, but there's a warfare that's going on now among different groups of people that we never had before. >> isn't it a danger on his part, class warfare, and more importantly, the democratic demc party has been attacking the tea party conservatives as racist, maximumaxine weartsz, waters say can go straight to hell. they double down on insane rhetoric. the p
, minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann has not given up the fight. she joins us tonight live with her take on the very latest from the president. congresswoman, welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you. good to see you, sean. >> you know, we have a crisis in confidence. you know what? everybody watching this program this friday night, you're soft. have you given up. you are too soft. 46.2 million americans in poverty, soft. 18 million americans unemployed. they are soft. under-employed, they're soft. nothing to do with obama. he's right. it's all our fault. right? >> well, he's the master of negativism. but i have a very positive story to tell. in order to get more competition back into our economy and to get a pro-growth economy, this is a simple question to solve. we have to repeal obamacare, a study came out from ubs last week that said that's the number-1 reason why employers aren't hiring. that's simple. i have that bill to repeal obamacare. the other thing we need to do is clean up the financial services sector. dodd frank does to the financial services sector what obamacare does
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plan to you the american people. the jobs plan already voted down in the u.s. senate. he resurrected the bad news bus tour and he rode on down to asheville, north carolina and here is what he had to say. >> there are things we should do right now to get the economy the jolt that it needs. so that's why i sent to congress the american jobs act. it's completely paid for. by asking our wealthiest citizens, folks making more than a million dollars a year, to pay their fair share. >> sean: so glad to see he has developed a unique message for round two of this tour. arizona senator john mccain threw in his two cents about the president's bad news bus tour on the senate floor earlier today. take a look. >> i must say again, i have never seen an uglier bus than the canadian one is he traveling around on a canadian bus touting american jobs. >> sean: joining me with analysis is the author of the "new york times" best seller "revolt" dick morris is with us. welcome back. let's start with herman cain, rasmussen poll today shows he is in fact beating obama head to head. is he going to be able to
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, nancy pelosi supporting them. and 37 hers think the u.s. boost is no better than the al-qaeda, and 37% think capitalism is immoral. >> and i would like to mention he was speaking at yale on tuesday and i was at their political union and they have the party of the left. and they probably have the sparticus lead. and when i accused the members of the party of the sparticus league, why aren't you done down on wall street, and they acted with con tomorrow. i promise you none thieves kids are coming from places like yale, they are coming from the bush league schools which is why none of them can say they are there. and to show how brain less they are, he claim they are protesting wall street but when we try to walk up to the homes of wall street they go to rupert murdoch's home, who has nothing to do with wall street. they are business man's. these are the neighbors of george soros. >> but even they recognize they take it from one level to the next level, and then i asked giuliani the other day, what would you do if you were mayor? >> nobody sleeps on the street. it's that simple. it would
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